Regenplast nose

Regenplast nose

Regenplast Adop

Nose plasters

This type of protective patches Regenplast has been designed and produced for people who have certain injuries and skin lesions in the facial area. For example, scars, scars that are in the healing stage after surgical removal or treatment of a malignancy in the face, which in turn, in the future, means that the treated area should not come into contact with the direct rays of the sun. The role of solar ultraviolet light in the etiopathogenesis of malignant skin tumours is well understood. The search for not only highly effective and aesthetically optimised treatments for facial masses, but also for agents that can carry out a protective barrier function and increase the chances of avoiding a possible relapse of the disease in both the near and distant future is important. This is especially true for areas of the face that have been operated on, with a regenerating scar, which, in turn, should not be exposed to open sunlight during this recovery period. The plastershave a triple special layer that completely prevents the penetration of UV rays. The Regenplast adhesive plasters also have an aesthetic function, hiding and visually smoothing out possible pre- or post-operative cosmetic skin defects on the face.

Despite the triple layer of patches, they comfortably cover the skin, repeat the anatomical lines and irregularities of the organ. They have a flesh colour that is close to natural. Sterile, packed in suitable envelopes. Regenplast adhesive plasters have both a specific organ specificity (nose, ear) and a set of universal plasters. Despite their density, the plasters are highly malleable and can be adapted to any anatomical feature of an organ or area of the face. Available in both standard and oversized sizes. The plaster used on the nose can be adapted to cover a desired area or segment of the nose, e.g. just the back, tip or wing of the nose.


"Dong-Pha" South Korea


15 or 30 plasters in a box

Conditions of storage

Store at a temperature not higher than 25 ° C.

Shelf life

3 years.

Do not use after the expiration date.

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