About DP


Dong-Pha was founded in 2016. It is a young company that is at the very beginning of its scientific and production path. Dong-Pha was founded by merging several laboratories and production facilities, LeHong with Healskin Lab, which allowed not only to expand the range of medicines produced, but also to increase the research potential.

DP is engaged in both research and production in narrowly focused areas: oncology, immunology, regenerative cosmetic-protective products. Presently, as well as in the future, the company sees its development vector in urgently needed and vitally important areas involving gynecologic oncology, onco-dermatology, rheumatology; urgent issues of immunodeficiency, as well as development, research and production of medicines based on monoclonal antibodies.

The company is focused not only on the production of drugs for therapeutic purposes, but also on the development and production of therapeutic agents for preventive therapy.

The company specializes on production mainly on products for hospital application. But it also produces products for outpatient use.